This is the other webpage of the 5C's Club, The Clark County Commodore Computer Club.
Based in Las Vegas and meeting monthly for official club governance.

In the middle of the month for cheking out games, show and tell, learning and other unexpected activities and computing of the commodore.

The Club has for the for the first time hosting an invitational computing event open to the public which will be enjoying FREE ADMISION to the event. This Event has been scheduled for JULY 28, 29 And 30. In Las Vegas, at the Resort ALEXIS PARK, Next to the HARD ROCK CASINO.

We call this event for short...

This are the minutes of the las meeting
Al read Forrest's minutes from NOV 2016 meeting, and the 01 OCT 2016 Treasurers Report.
Forrest mentioned that he might miss the Jan 2017 meeting because of Laser Eye surgery.
Forrest mentioned that member Chad James has opened a Gaming store. We may use it as a meeting place starting Feb 2017.
Al distributed & summarized the DEC 2016 Club disk.
Forrest distributed & reviewed the DEC 2016 Channel 64 DVD.
Saj showed the Four 64/128 Power Supply that he designed & Ray Carlsen constructed.
Raffle results:
Jeff - Internet Security Program.
Yul - POWERPOINT 14 program.
Forrest & others discussed how COMVEX 2017 will affect us under California Club rules.
Saj showed the remainder of the Amiga video.

This 21st of January, the club is havin a meeting to task the realization of this year meeting, which will be very different from last 2016 version.

this it the, the blog of the Club, Much Much information

this is the COMMODORE RETRO EXPO site with all the information you need to go the event

The Minutes of the January 21st meeting will be posted here soon.

as you can see, no minutes are posted, and we are already in june...such is life

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